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the enduring trades of america

It took more than toughness for a small business to survive Covid-19. Business leaders needed to be nimble, bold, and yet careful. Each company needed its team to pull together and for the boss to […]
traditional marketing in 2021

In the age of digital, many businesses focus on developing various marketing materials online. With different channels available, including social media, email, search, display ads, and webinars, offline marketing efforts are an afterthought. However, offline […]
15 Leadership Lessons from Female Founders and CEOs

When Lisa Su was 10 years old, she used to take apart her brother’s remote-control cars and put them back together. Three decades later, the electrical engineer-turned-CEO took charge of chip maker Advanced Micro Devices […]
small business guide to shopify

Adaptation: that’s how small businesses survived – and even thrived – during the pandemic. Real-world shops and services moved online. Ecommerce businesses diversified, refining their shopping experience to stay competitive. The answer for many of […]

Breaking news: when a small business owner graduates to the ranks of big business leader, they don’t suddenly find time is plentiful and scheduling is a breeze. That’s not how it works. But you probably […]

Small businesses come to fruition through a range of inspiration sources. Maybe it’s a passion project you can monetize or identifying a need in your local community. Whatever the case, many entrepreneurs need financial support […]