Author: Katie Tregurtha

hiring restaurant employees

Hiring successful employees as a small business owner can be difficult. If you’re a restaurant owner this can be especially tricky, as the food services industry tends to have high staff turnover. However, there are […]
veteran-owned business certification

If you’re a veteran and a business owner, you’ve likely looked into a veteran-owned business certification in the past. You’ve also probably found the whole process confusing. There are a number of ways to get […]
Affordable Employee Benefits

Offering benefits as a small business owner can be expensive – you don’t get the same economies of scale that larger corporations have. It becomes more cost effective per employee to offer a 401(k) plan […]
family choice home care

What led you to make the leap from working for someone else to being your own boss? For Linda Gregory and Sybil Forsythe, co-owners of Family Choice Home Care, they saw an opportunity in the […]
women-owned businesses

Did you know that just 31 years ago women were legally unable to obtain a business loan in the U.S. without a male relative co-signing? After the passing of HR 5050: Women’s Business Ownership Act […]