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marketing effectiveness with a small team

As a small business owner, you undoubtedly wear multiple hats. You and your staff members maintain an all hands on deck environment to handle everything from operations and sales to human resources. With so many […]
contractor financing questions

Like many small businesses, contractors leverage borrowed capital to fuel business growth and often fund business operations. It’s not uncommon to have questions when contemplating a business loan application. Here are three questions contractors (and […]
managing delinquencies

Although your personal credit score doesn’t represent your business creditworthiness, it will likely be part of how most small business lenders evaluate your business loan application. With that in mind, small business owners need to […]

Admittedly there are numerous and varied reasons why small businesses borrow. In many instances, borrowed capital can be the fuel that propels growth and keeps small businesses moving forward. Growing up in a small business […]

In addition to the local bank, there are more options available today than ever before for small business owners who need to borrow extra capital to fuel growth or fund other business initiatives. What lenders […]

Popular media would have us believe that the answer to every small business problem can be solved with money—I call it the myth of the Shark Tank. Although access to capital can help business owners […]
comparing the costs of different business loans

  Comparing the costs of a short-term loan to a long-term loan or a merchant cash advance to a line of credit or term loan, can be challenging because different lenders can express their costs […]

Keeping your business organized is just as important as keeping customers and employees happy. Every small detail about your business matters because everything is ultimately connected, so having a system for keeping things in their […]

Over the more than 35 years of my career, I’ve frequently seen both, “Must be good at multi-tasking” on job descriptions and “I’m a great multi-tasker” on resumes—neither of which portends a good or productive […]
small business lending technology

I’m convinced there are more options available than ever before for small businesses looking for borrowed capital. What’s more, I think it’s small business lending technology that has made it much easier for lenders to […]