If you’re not familiar with SCORE, you should be. These are men and women all across the United States who’ve retired from leading their own businesses, both large and small, and now donate their time […]
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Building a Business Strategy for 2018 Thinking strategically and building a business strategy is an important exercise for all businesses—large and small. Unfortunately, many small business owners aren’t sure where to start, how a more […]

Over the last 35+ years of my career, I’ve experienced the Holiday Bonus from both the employee’s and the employer’s perspective. There are many ways you might reward your employees at the end of the […]
Small Business Budgeting for the New Year | OnDeck

Even if your business is not what is typically identified as a “seasonal” business, your business likely ebbs and flows with seasonal fluctuations—at least that’s been my experience over the last 35 or so years. […]
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This time of year a lot of small businesses are in the thick of a busy holiday season, so time is precious. That being said, I think small business owners should follow the example of […]
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Small manufacturers in the United States are thriving. Today, 98 percent of U.S. Manufacturers employ less than 500 people and 75 percent have fewer than 20. This gives these manufacturers the flexibility to set up […]
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Although there are more loan options available today than ever before, accessing borrowed capital is still a challenge for many small business owners. How do you know which loan, or lender, will best suit your […]
Cash Flow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business. Without cash, it’s hard to purchase inventory, pay employees, and ultimately keep the doors open. In fact, according to PreferredCFO.com, 82% of small businesses fail because of […]
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Most small business owners don’t jump into their entrepreneurial dream because they are experts at financing a business. As a result, it’s not uncommon for a loan application to be rejected. Sometimes it could be […]