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Today is Get Smart About Your Credit Day. As a small business owner, you don’t need to be a credit or finance expert, but in today’s world, it’s critically important that you have a strong […]
Financing growth for small business | OnDeck

Knowing when to finance growth can sometimes be a challenge for many small business owners. For most businesses, growth is an option not a survival factor—albeit usually a very attractive option. Some business owners take […]
Small Business Growth Strategies | OnDeck

Pursuing Smart Business Growth Strategies As a small business owner, I observed that my business seemed to either be growing or struggling—nothing ever seemed to remain in stasis or a constant state. Saying that isn’t […]
Time to Expand my Business | OnDeck

How Do I Know When It’s Time Expand My Small Business? As a small business owner, I embraced the mantra “Grow or Die.” Simply maintaining the status quo always seemed to be a challenge. It […]
Check You business credit profile | OnDeck

Smart Business Owners Know What’s In Their Business Credit Profile We regularly talk about the importance of paying attention to your business credit profile and your personal credit score. Before you can make a positive […]
5 Metrics Business Owners Need to Know | OnDeck Small Business Loans

Missed our live webinar? We discussed the 5 financial metrics every small business owner should be looking at. You don’t need to be an accountant or a small business financing expert to run a successful […]
Holiday-Shopping-for-retailers | OnDeck Small Business Loans

You know you’re a retailer if… you’re holiday shopping in the summer Because retailers are usually thinking at least six months in advance, you’re probably in the thick of holiday shopping right now—this is especially […]

Increase Your Loan Options with Strategic Borrowing Without adequate capital, it’s difficult for small businesses to grow and thrive. This is true whether you fund your business through cash flow, investment, or borrowing. Taking a […]
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Financial Metrics You Should Know to Run Your Small Business Understanding your business’ financial metrics, and what those numbers are telling you, is critical to running a successful business, knowing whether or not your business is profitable, […]
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Facilitating a Healthy Work/Life Balance for Your Employees is Good for Business I spent the earliest years of my career sweeping the warehouse floor and stocking shelves in my Father’s small business. As a teenager, […]