The holiday season is upon us, but as a business owner, you already know that. For many businesses, this is the most profitable time of year. For some it’s exciting, and for others, it’s a […]

I teamed up with OnDeck to answer your burning business questions. With over 200 entries, the decision was tough, but I picked the top 10 questions that my no-nonsense, straightforward advice can help. Thanks to […]

Even if they come with years of experience, every new employee you hire needs training. But all too often, small business owners are so overwhelmed with running the business to come up with anything better […]

It’s tempting to prioritize your startup’s elevator pitch somewhere between watering the office ficus and ordering extra paper towels for the break room. After all, they can be hard to develop and even harder to […]

In my role as CMO of OnDeck, I get to interact with small business owners almost every day. This means I get to learn about the different ways they manage their time to build a successful […]

These days, nearly every brick and mortar business is looking for the perfect way to meld online shopping and in-store experiences. While it’s easy to be an e-commerce-only business, shoppers and retailers alike consistently find […]

We teamed up with Barbara Corcoran for the second consecutive year to help three small business owners take their business to the next level! Visit OnDeck’s Facebook page at and tell us how you […]