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Today is Get Smart About Your Credit Day. As a small business owner, you don’t need to be a credit or finance expert, but in today’s world, it’s critically important that you have a strong […]

Check You business credit profile | OnDeck

Smart Business Owners Know What’s In Their Business Credit Profile We regularly talk about the importance of paying attention to your business credit profile and your personal credit score. Before you can make a positive […]
Levi King OnDeck Interview

To continue April’s thread of topics around improving financial literacy, I had the pleasure of speaking with Levi King, Co-founder & CEO of Nav, (a site that helps business owners manage their business credit and […]

Obtaining a small-business loan or establishing a credit line is not always easy these days. In the podcast series – “Been There, Done That, with Dennis Zink” – Dennis interviewed Ty Kiisel, Small Business Educator, […]

Understanding your business credit profile A key measure of your business’ financial health is your business credit profile. We want you to get the most from your OnDeck relationship by helping you understand and manage […]

Not too long ago we invited a group of small business experts to a Twitter chat to answer questions about how business credit works and what you can do to build a strong business credit profile. […]
Business Credit Misconceptions

I recently spoke with Levi King, the CEO and co-founder of Nav (a free site offering business owners access to their personal credit scores and business credit profiles). When I asked him what the biggest […]

Did you know that April was Financial Literacy Month? I was tempted to call it a celebration, but admittedly, “celebration” would have been an overstatement. I understand that most entrepreneurs don’t jump into business ownership […]