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Short-term and long-term growth is how most businesses stay afloat. For many businesses, if you’re not growing, you’re losing business. It’s unlikely a business will stay at the same threshold year after year. There are […]
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  What is short-term business financing? Short-Term business financing includes financing with terms less than 24 months. Whether it’s a term loan or a line of credit, the best use case for a short-term loan […]

In August, the slow, quiet, feeling of summer fills the air in many offices around the world. Each week a different team member is on vacation, some offices have “Summer Fridays,” and motivation seems lacking. […]

What is “working capital”? And how can it help my small business? These are just a couple of questions we get every day, here at OnDeck, so I thought it would be prudent to do […]

Increase Your Loan Options with Strategic Borrowing Without adequate capital, it’s difficult for small businesses to grow and thrive. This is true whether you fund your business through cash flow, investment, or borrowing. Taking a […]
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Financial Metrics You Should Know to Run Your Small Business Understanding your business’ financial metrics, and what those numbers are telling you, is critical to running a successful business, knowing whether or not your business is profitable, […]
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5 Tips to Improve Your OnDeck Renewal Experience If you have an OnDeck Term Loan and think you may need more funds down the road, you may be asking: “What can I do now to maximize […]
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Managing Your Business Resources Managing resources is a challenge for many small business owners, but if you’re at all like I was, I believed I had a better handle on things that I did in […]

Managing Your Busy Season Well Can Set Up Your Slow Season for Success Summer is the time when people get up, go outside, travel, and walk along main street. So it’s not too surprising that many small […]
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Tips for Making Smart Inventory & Equipment Purchases: An Interview with RT Custer, Co-Founder of Vortic Watch Company Let me introduce you to the owner and co-founder of Vortic Watch Company, RT Custer. Vortic Watch Company […]