Business Financing

financial literacy month

April is Financial Literacy Month, (woot!) and I’m excited for the opportunity to help boost your business financial acumen, so keep a lookout on our blog all month long for specific articles on financial literacy. To kick off […]
Guide to Small Business Financing

Your decision to borrow funds for your business and which lender to work with is important. There are many factors to consider to make the right financing choice for your business. There are a lot […]

There are a lot of decisions to make when you’re considering applying for a business loan. It can get confusing, overwhelming, and if you’re not careful, harmful to your personal credit. So, before you submit any applications […]
OnDeck Top 10 FAQ

Updated: Oct 16, 2017 We want to make getting business financing from OnDeck as easy as possible. And we often get asked the same questions by small business owners looking to take financing for their […]
applying to OnDeck

Traditionally, applying for business financing can be difficult for small business owners. It takes time you don’t have and loads of paperwork you struggle to find. It leaves you thinking that there must be a better […]

Obtaining a small-business loan or establishing a credit line is not always easy these days. In the podcast series – “Been There, Done That, with Dennis Zink” – Dennis interviewed Ty Kiisel, Small Business Educator, […]

There are times when many business owners might be tempted to use a personal loan to pay for business expenses. For example, when a business is still in the idea stage, or otherwise very young […]

Is your restaurant, catering or grocery business thriving in the New Year? Are you considering plans for growth? The costs associated with growth can be expensive. And, accessing capital to fuel growth is a challenge […]