Business Financing

Every small business owner sometimes faces situations where they need quick access to capital to address immediate needs—sometimes those needs involve solving a near-term challenge, but often they are to take advantage of opportunities. Establishing […]

Small business owners continued to turn to online small business lenders in 2015. Here are five reasons: Many traditional lenders (like banks) are still reluctant to offer financing to the smallest small businesses The application […]

There are a lot of options for small business owners looking for financing these days. And, more small business owners than ever are looking online—with online lenders providing an estimated $7.9 billion in small business […]

Access to capital is a big concern for many small business owners. Whether it’s to open a brand new company or to expand an established business, a grant can be a potential source for this […]

A love of accounting is probably not the primary reason most entrepreneurs decide to start a business, but I think most of us would agree that at least a basic understanding of good accounting and […]

If you’ve ever applied for a small business loan, you might have been asked to provide a personal guarantee. A personal guarantee reduces a lender’s risk associated with a small business loan because it gives […]

There’s no question there’s a difference in the financing options available to a startup, a growing company with two or three years under its belt, and an established business that has been around for ten […]

Fiscal year 2015 was a good year for SBA lenders. While the SBA is not a direct lender, they guaranteed 63,000 loans totaling $23.6 billion—that’s 22 percent more loans and 23 percent more loan dollars […]

Women-owned businesses are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs in the United States and account for roughly 40 percent of the small businesses in our country. Unfortunately, “In 2014 the [House] Subcommittee on Small Business […]