Business Financing

No question, a good personal credit score is something every small business owner should build and maintain. Did you know your business credit profile may be even more important to some lenders for your business’ […]

It’s true, there are more options available today than ever before for business owners looking for a small business loan, but there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all solution. Understanding the relationship between why you need the […]

Did you know that digital payments company PayPal recently split from e-commerce giant eBay? The separation was announced last September, and this July, PayPal officially became an independent, publicly-traded company once again. Since more than […]

For most small business owners, a personal credit score is still an important metric lenders may consider to measure your creditworthiness when evaluating your application for a small business loan. While different lenders weight the […]

We love hearing from our customers. Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received over the last 30 days: “OnDeck proved to be an excellent source for short-term financing that enabled us to […]

Student debt can create a daunting financial maze for would-be small business owners. Recent research shows that regions where the population carries student debt boast significantly fewer small businesses. Does that mean that owning a […]

Keeping the shelves stocked with what customers want to buy is sometimes a challenge for a small business owner trying to manage his or her other cash flow needs too. Fortunately there are inventory-financing options […]