There are times when many business owners might be tempted to use a personal loan to pay for business expenses. For example, when a business is still in the idea stage, or otherwise very young […]

Few people know what it’s like to own a small business unless they’ve actually done it. You need vision, passion and optimism to create something from scratch. You must maintain the high level of dedication […]

Spring is finally here, meaning that many small businesses are getting ready for the onslaught of seasonal, warm-weather customers. In addition to stocking up and staffing up, there are steps you can take to ensure […]

Did you know that April was Financial Literacy Month? I was tempted to call it a celebration, but admittedly, “celebration” would have been an overstatement. I understand that most entrepreneurs don’t jump into business ownership […]

Have you ever dreamed of opening a bed & breakfast in a particular neighborhood? Imagined running an unusual business, like a greenhouse-meets-coffee shop or a pet playground? Or even pictured becoming part of a neighborhood […]

Tax day is almost here. But taxes don’t have to be a hassle! If you meet with your accountant or CPA and have your paperwork in order, filing your taxes will be a breeze. Here […]

A small business loan is sometimes necessary for many business owners to fund growth or meet other short-term cash flow needs. Whether you’re just starting out, looking to expand, building inventory, or just need a […]