Life in the military is strikingly different than that of a startup entrepreneur, but there are many decision-making techniques they use in the military that could benefit entrepreneurs compelled to make decisions with sometimes less-than-perfect […]

For those who have spent time in the military, they know that life in the service is decidedly different than life as an entrepreneur. Nevertheless, many of the skills servicemen and women learn in the […]

There are times when many business owners might be tempted to use a personal loan to pay for business expenses. For example, when a business is still in the idea stage, or otherwise very young […]

Few people know what it’s like to own a small business unless they’ve actually done it. You need vision, passion and optimism to create something from scratch. You must maintain the high level of dedication […]

Spring is finally here, meaning that many small businesses are getting ready for the onslaught of seasonal, warm-weather customers. In addition to stocking up and staffing up, there are steps you can take to ensure […]

Did you know that April was Financial Literacy Month? I was tempted to call it a celebration, but admittedly, “celebration” would have been an overstatement. I understand that most entrepreneurs don’t jump into business ownership […]

Have you ever dreamed of opening a bed & breakfast in a particular neighborhood? Imagined running an unusual business, like a greenhouse-meets-coffee shop or a pet playground? Or even pictured becoming part of a neighborhood […]