In August, the slow, quiet, feeling of summer fills the air in many offices around the world. Each week a different team member is on vacation, some offices have “Summer Fridays,” and motivation seems lacking. […]

Evaluate These Metrics for Your Small Business Growth In July, our blog focused a lot of on attention on different areas and metrics small business owners can use to measure their business. At OnDeck, to […]

What is “working capital”? And how can it help my small business? These are just a couple of questions we get every day, here at OnDeck, so I thought it would be prudent to do […]

Evaluate Your Business’ Online Presence to Grow Your Profits Each year, as more of your customers spend more time online, your business’ online presence becomes increasingly important. The hardest part about building your online presence […]

Increase Your Loan Options with Strategic Borrowing Without adequate capital, it’s difficult for small businesses to grow and thrive. This is true whether you fund your business through cash flow, investment, or borrowing. Taking a […]

Managing Your Cash Flow is Critical to Success: Even A Dentist Agrees When you visit your dentist (twice a year) you might not think about how they run their business. Neither did we, but we […]
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Financial Metrics You Should Know to Run Your Small Business Understanding your business’ financial metrics, and what those numbers are telling you, is critical to running a successful business, knowing whether or not your business is profitable, […]

The Ultimate Work/Life Balance Goal: Your Employee and Employer Guide to the Remote Workforce. Telecommuting and the remote workforce has been growing since technology has begun to transform our lives.  Along with transformations in technology, we’ve […]