Our business loan calculator provides a ballpark estimate of weekly payments for business loans of varying amounts and terms.


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Loan Amount Loan amount represents total value borrowed. Any origination fees will be deducted from funds deposited to bank account

Interest & Fees Most loans include origination fees ranging from 0-5% of loan value. Interest rates are based on borrower's personal and business credit profile, including outstanding debt. Interest and fees will be clearly laid out in the loan offer documents

Repayment Amount This is an estimate of the total amount to be repaid, which includes the loan amount plus interest

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* The payment amount displayed above is only an estimate and assumes the lowest rates that could be offered for the credit quality and loan terms you selected.

This is not a guaranteed offer. Any loan, the amount, and the interest rate are subject to full underwriting and lender approval upon a completed application. Full underwriting considers a number of factors and is not based solely on personal or business credit score.