Get the most out of your OnDeck loan

Typical Loan Uses Include
Purchasing Inventory
Purchasing Equipment
Managing Cash Flow
Hiring Employees
Remodeling / Renovating
Handling Unexpected Expenses
Launching Marketing Campaigns
Opening New Locations
Bridging Receivables Gaps

Example Return on Investment

When Opportunity Knocks

You have an opportunity to buy $30,000 worth of inventory for $20,000 if you buy in the next 3 days. A $20,000 OnDeck loan paid back over 6 months gets you money the next day, netting you a savings of $7,000.

  • 10k

    $10,000 inventory discount

  • 3k

    Loan cost: $3,000

  • $7,000

    Business Savings

When You Need to Expand

Using a $50,000 OnDeck loan with a 12-month term, you can expand your business and net an additional $48,000 this year. After paying off the cost of the loan at $12,000, you gain a profit of $36,000.

  • 48k

    $48,000 annual profit from expansion

  • 12k

    Loan cost: $12,000

  • $22,500

    Year 1 Net Profit

Pricing and Qualifications

Who Qualifies for OnDeck Loans?
  • 1+ year in business
  • $100,000+ in annual revenue
  • 600+ personal credit score of business owner
Rate 29.99% – 49.00% APR
Automated Weekly Payback Fixed weekly payments automatically deducted from your business bank account, so you don’t have to worry about missing due dates.

Note: Your loan size, term and rate will be based on our analysis of your business. Depending on the location of your business, your loan will be originated under either Virginia or California law.