Inventory Loans and Financing

Fast Small Business Loans

Managing your cash flow well means buying enough inventory to keep your customers happy, while selling it quickly enough to cover your costs and avoid large storage bills. The faster you can turn over inventory, the lower risk you incur for your business and the more you increase cashflow. Many business owners realize that the right inventory financing method can be a great tool for business growth.

If you need to borrow to purchase your inventory, you should also try to match revenue with expenses. So, inventory financing works better with a short-term payback instead of a long-term payback. Paying for this year’s inventory next year is not a healthy business practice. In addition, taking short term inventory loans allows your business to qualify for larger loans and longer terms at a later date. That’s why OnDeck’s 3-24 month inventory loans might be right for you.

Make Your Next Inventory Purchase with an OnDeck loan

OnDeck provides inventory loans and lines of credit with a mission to help small businesses grow. If you’re a small business considering using financing to buy inventory, consider applying today for inventory financing with no obligation. You can get a loan decision for your business in minutes, and funding in as fast as one business day..