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March 23, 2015 | Forbes If you need financing, what’s the first thing you should do? Head to the bank? Post on Kickstarter? Go on ABC’s “Shark Tank”? In a world where the finance industry […]

March 4, 2015 | Inc. If there’s a contest running to be the poster child for alternative lenders to small businesses, Noah Breslow, chief executive of OnDeck, wants to win it. To read the article […]

By Larry Haertel — August 19, 2014 Briefly describe your career and how you came to work at OnDeck? I have been in the capital markets space for nearly 20 years. Prior to OnDeck, I […]

By Marc Prosser – August 14, 2014 There has definitely been a boom in the small business finance space. Last week, I was approached by a company that enables small businesses to turn unpaid invoices […]

Fewer than half of small business owners have plans to take a vacation in 2014, according to a new study. By Benjamin Snyder — August 13, 2014 Small business owners simply aren’t taking vacation in […]

by Sara Ashley O’Brien — July 18, 2014 During the recent recession, many traditional financing options for small businesses dried up. Even when the economy started to rebound, banks increased loans to large businesses while […]

By Ty Kiisel — June 25, 2014 While speaking with friend and 30-year small-business banking veteran Charles Green (a contributor to the industry newsletter, Coleman Report) about his upcoming book, it became very obvious that […]

by Sarah Todd – June 22, 2014 Banks and alternative lenders sometimes cast themselves as partners in helping small-business borrowers, rather than rivals competing for the same customer. But at a summit on new offerings […]