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Often summer goals seem to involve either getting your beach body back or arguing about who’s going to be the Grill Master this week. Consider adding this summer ritual to your repertoire and see your […]

As a small business owner, you may be uncertain about how to articulate your value proposition. You may even be unclear on the concept of just what a value proposition is. Simply put, a value […]
how to write a business plan

As a business owner, you’ve likely put together a business plan before. However, it’s important to revisit and update your business plan regularly, as it can help guide you through new business initiatives, measure business […]
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Building a Business Strategy Thinking strategically and building a business strategy is an important exercise for all businesses—large and small. Unfortunately, many small business owners aren’t sure where to start, how a more strategic approach […]

 Five Steps to Supercharged Results for the Change Agent Entrepreneur You became an entrepreneur because you knew that you could do your thing better than anyone else out there. You knew that you could make […]
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Short-Term business financing includes financing with terms less than 24 months. Whether it’s a term loan or a line of credit, the best use case for short-term financing is for projects where the business need […]