When Devoughn Owens founded Meadowlark Home Care in 1997, it was her instincts that told her people would always need nurses, not statistics. Home care services is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. According […]
OnDeck Customer Testimonial - HonorBox

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Reed Shiraki, the owner of Honor Box Chiropractic, a practice in Pearl City, Hawaii. (yes, we’re jealous!) His business story is inspiring and I hope you […]
OnDeck Small Business Loans - Customer Story

I had the pleasure of interviewing Moe Habibi, founder and owner of STACK restaurant in Blackwell, Oklahoma. His story, business know-how, and pancakes are impressive. Moe Habibi immigrated to the United States on September 7, […]
performance-detailing | OnDeck Resource Center

I had the pleasure of speaking with OnDeck customer, Meghan Garrity, owner of Performance Detailing, an auto detailing and performance parts service in Orland Park, IL. We talked about her background, what it’s like to own a […]

Sue Kolupar spent 36 years in the medical field at a practice, and her daughters were in a German dance group and went to a formal ball every year. That meant that each year she […]
Beau and Belle Littles Small Business Growth | OnDeck

Every so often I have the pleasure of meeting small business owners who dazzle me with the inventiveness of their products, passion, business know-how, and their desire to share that know-how with other small business […]