Matt Bliss, CEO of Modern Christmas Trees, set out to continue a family tradition through his own small business. With a seasonal company, however, he faced challenges in taking his business to the next level. Find out how Matt secured the small business financing he needed to grow the company with OnDeck.

Customer Success Story

Disclaimer: Customer was compensated for sharing their experience. Interview has been edited for clarity.

Continuing a Family Tradition Through the Decades

“[Modern Christmas Trees] started back in 2010 as […] a tribute to my grandfather. He originally designed a version of this tree for our family in 1966. It was really […] the centerpiece to our Christmas Eves. And what I found is that the tree resonated with all sorts of people.”

Matt set out to create a tribute to his grandfather by opening his small business to celebrate his creation from decades before. His handcrafted Christmas trees have adorned the homes and halls of many families and fellow businesses.

Matt Faced Challenges Growing His Seasonal Small Business

“There are days where it’s very hard to sleep at night not knowing whether you can get your bills paid, particularly with a seasonal business. I needed money to fund my inventory that I had to prepay for prior to selling it.”

Seasonal businesses face a number of unique challenges, from budgeting and planning to hiring and marketing. Read this guide to learn how to address challenges of running a seasonal business.

He First Decided to Look for Funding From Banks

“I looked into a number of different options in trying to get a loan, and I would apply with these banks multiple times. There was a tremendous amount of paperwork and tax returns and all other things that I needed to provide to go through a two-month process to try and get approved, only for them to say ‘no I’m gonna pass on this.’”

Matt Had a Much Better Experience With OnDeck

“To apply [with OnDeck] was very simple. There was a minimal amount of paperwork,” said Matt. “They approved me based on the two most recent bank statements I had, [and] with much better rates and terms than I was able to get through the purchase order finance company.”

“Within 24 hours [of applying], I was emailed, ‘Congratulations you’ve been approved.’ It was such a huge weight off my back that I didn’t have to worry about paying bills and paying for things associated with the business on a daily basis.” 

OnDeck makes applying for business funding as fast and transparent as possible. We know that small business owners deserve a stress-free loan application that you can complete in as little as 10 minutes.

Although specific approval times can vary, you can receive an OnDeck funding decision as soon as the same day you apply.  

OnDeck Loans Can Help Seasonal Small Businesses Grow

“[OnDeck] gives you the ability to select the payment term that meet your needs. As our sales have increased, and as I’ve proven to be a good customer that pays their bills, I’[ve been] approved year after year for a larger amount. There is no doubt that without access to that capital, I can’t make some of those decisions to help grow the company. I would absolutely recommend OnDeck to other companies [and] small business owners, regardless of the type of company that they have.”

If you’re in need of funding to help reach your small business’s potential, you can apply with OnDeck today.

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