Helping small businesses is our passion and we are passionate about small businesses. If you ask anyone who works at OnDeck about their favorite small business, they can immediately tell you the business name, location, and why it means so much to them. I grew up in rural South Carolina where both of my grandparents owned small businesses. My Pop (grandpa) owned Anderson Lumber Company and my Nonnie (grandma) owned the Beauty Shop. Like many children and grandchildren of business owners, I grew spending a lot of time in both of those businesses and my first jobs were working there with my family. A lot of my colleagues have similar experiences and several even have their own small businesses. We are deeply invested in the success of the businesses we work and your Loan Advisor will be your personal advocate throughout your relationship with us.

The purpose of this article is to introduce the benefits of our Loan Advisory program to all current and future business owners and let you know what to expect from your experience with a Loan Advisor on your financing journey.

One Team

Small businesses operate throughout all times zones across the country. To make sure you get the best service possible during hours that work for your business at the right time we have Loan Advisors in NYC and Denver offices. When you need us, someone will be available to speak with you, 6 days a week. We also want to make sure when you need us you are speaking to someone with experience, which is why our Loan Advisors have an average tenure of five years in their role and we make sure to continually train them in all areas from new internal policies to external factors affecting business owners globally. Your loan advisors must demonstrate mastery in competencies like relationship building, financial literacy, product/technical knowledge, and compliance.

Our loan advisor teams work closely with our other departments such as underwriting and customer service teams to ensure you are provided with the relevant information you need. We work as one team to make sure we get you the best offer and give you the best experience. We leverage our internal relationships to give you a seamless experience. While you may only ever speak to one person, that person on average works with up to a dozen other people to shepherd you through our process.

We work as one team focused on giving you the best possible experience. As we celebrate our company milestones, we relish the opportunity to help you meet yours.

“The most important thing to know about me is that I try to treat each of my clients like they are the only client I am ever dealing with – I dedicate my time, efforts, and support to them fully, and never want them to think or know that I’m also communicating with up to 50+other small business owners that day.”  – Anastasia Petrovek, OnDeck Loan Advisor

White Glove Service

Our main goal is to give our customers impeccable service. How do we do this? We focus on building great relationships with each business owner we work with. We want to learn about your goals in order to help you achieve them. Every time you speak with your loan advisor s/he is focused on understanding the impact of working capital on your business. Our Loan Advisors are your advocates and guides – they set expectations around the process including what kinds of documents you may need to provide, the timeline for getting funded, and how to take advantage of our renewal program.  

Customer Focused

Your experience matters to us first and foremost, we work hard to make sure you feel heard and understood. Our aim is to get you the best possible offer you qualify for and get you funded fast. Our Loan Advisors are here for you and hope to create an experience that keeps you coming back to work with us whenever you have financing needs.

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