Who better to run a business with than your significant other? At OnDeck, we come across many successful entrepreneurs that are partners both in business and in life. However, mixing business with pleasure doesn’t come without complications.

Listed below are some helpful do’s and dont’s for couples to keep their personal and professional relationships in check.

Do: Divide and conquer
Leverage the natural chemistry you and your partner already share. Since opposites typically attract, chances are you and your spouse will have different strengths and weaknesses. So spread out the responsibilities, delegate specific tasks to each other, and ensure that you each take on tasks that play directly to your individual talents.

Don’t: Bring your personal problems into your office
When problems at home arise – whether it’s a disagreement, a family emergency or something else entirely – it’s best to leave it out of the office.

You don’t want to alienate your employees by making them face conflicts they don’t understand. Even more importantly, though, you don’t want to cloud your professional judgment with personal and emotional issues.

Do: Leave work at work – sometimes
By the same token, sometimes you need to leave work problems at the workplace. Everyone needs time to unwind, and you’ll be working 24/7 if you analyze every single office problem over dinner. It’s a difficult balance to strike, and sometimes won’t be possible, but it’s important to remember during stressful times like tax or busy seasons.

Don’t: Mince words
No matter who you’re working with, you’ve got to be open to criticism. If your spouse is also your business partner, then you’re both taking on two roles: companion and colleague. When speaking to your spouse as the latter, don’t hold back about business issues just because you fill the former role as well.

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