As I sit here staring at my screen, fighting with my internet to stay online, (because that’s just going to be my day today) I realized that many people, me for example, are going through summer withdrawal and struggling to get back to work mode. It should hit a scorching 92℉ today in New York City, so the fact that school’s back in session and the lighter summer traffic is behind us is a bit mind boggling.

back to work

As I chatted with my colleagues this morning, many of them felt the exact same way I do. They long to still be on the beach, spending time with their family, or just sleeping in late like they did over the long Labor Day weekend.

You may be asking, “Why is my reluctance to accept summer’s impending end relevant to business owners across the nation?”

My colleagues and I represent a fair age range and different stages of life, likely similar to you and your employees. We are all dedicated to our jobs and, from what I can tell, enjoy coming to work…most days.

For many people (business owners included), this week can be a struggle to get back to your usual 110% mental capacity. As a business owner, the thought of losing productivity to daydreaming isn’t very appealing. So here are 3 easy things you can do today to get your employees out of their summer haze and jumpstart their month.

  1. Schedule a coffee pow-wow: Put 30 minutes on everyone’s calendar to meet in the kitchen or the break room and give them time to grab coffee, chat, and get summer out of their system. Acknowledge the issue and hit it head on with a quick "thanks for being here" chat and some caffeine to help get your team out of the clouds and back to work.
  2. Send a summer’s end email: Write a quick email outlining all the great work the company accomplished this summer and what you’re most excited about for the rest of the year. Your team will see how much they’ve done and it will give them a moment to reflect and take it in.
  3. Share your company goals: Take the opportunity to publicly spell out the company goals for the next month or the rest of the year. No matter your industry, be it an auto-body shop, a restaurant, or a spare parts wholesaler, seeing the company goals connects employees to the bigger picture and encourages people to focus on making them happen.

Hope this helps! As for me… just getting back into the swing of things like typing this article one word at a time took me from dead asleep to fully functional in about an hour. I’ll take that as today’s big win. Buh-bye summer, see ya next year!

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