Second Annual Small Business Community Impact Survey

As a small business owner, you’re likely very aware that small businesses are important to their local communities. Americans recognize the importance of this support with Small Business Saturday, which has become a nationwide holiday shopping tradition to support the small businesses in our local communities. In honor of the holiday, we conducted our second annual Small Business Community Impact Survey to highlight all the ways small businesses support their local communities throughout the year. We surveyed present and previous customers to learn more about how they participated in their community in 2019.

small business community impact 2019

From buying from other local businesses to supporting local charities, small businesses give back in a number of different ways. Check out our infographic below to see them all.

why small businesses are important

How Small Businesses Support Their Local Communities

Most small business owners try, when possible, to support other local companies. They do so by buying local supplies, using a local service provider (i.e., an accountant or attorney), or by selling locally made products in their stores.

ondeck second annual small business community impact survey

Beyond economically supporting other local companies, small business owners also donate time and money to supporting local non-profit organizations. This year, 4.6% more small businesses gave back to their local communities than they did in 2018.
why small businesses are important

How do small businesses support their local communities? They give, support, donate, and volunteer with the following organizations:

ondeck small business community impact surveySmall businesses support many different local charitable organizations, including disaster relief services, senior citizen communities, and wounded veteran organizations.

About the Survey

OnDeck is proud to support and empower small business owners across the United States. For our second annual Small Business Community Impact Survey, we surveyed current and past customers to learn more about how they participated in their local communities in 2019. Most had been in business for over 10 years, and represented a wide of range of industries, from retailers to mechanics to accountants and lawyers.

Interested in seeing the results from 2018? Check out our infographic.

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