BuddyLove Clothing Label

Buddy and Grayson DiFonzo are an entrepreneurial power couple with a shared passion for fashion. After 10 years as wholesale fashion sales reps -- where they gained direct insight into what customers want — they seized a golden opportunity to start their own brand and family business in 2010.

Their Story

The Goal

Sell their style in a big market showroom

As BuddyLove’s popularity grew in the Southeast, Buddy & Grayson knew they needed a showroom presence in the wholesale hub of Atlanta if they wanted to eventually launch more lines. But their banks couldn’t help, and they didn’t want to keep relying on personal credit cards.

Buddy & Grayson's OnDeck Experience

  • Fast, efficient process

    “Yes it’s a little more expensive, but I need this money now. You’re paying a little more for timeliness, ease of transaction, and to have all the boxes checked. If I ever have questions, Ana is always on point, getting back to me within the day, or even the hour.”

  • Loan rates and structures that make sense

    “I had never taken this type of loan before, so a daily distribution made me a little nervous. But after I worked through our processes to see if we could afford it, I was able to look out 3 months and see that it’s a realistic loan.”

  • Great customer service that understands a small business’s needs

    “They took the time to ask about our business and how we’d use the money, and then gave us ideas on how much they could lend us and types of terms. They didn’t jump into offering money before knowing anything about my business, and that helped me feel confident.”

The Result

100% growth, year after year

With the help of OnDeck, Buddy & Grayson successfully opened their Atlanta showroom, launched two additional lines, and increased inventory across all three. They also recently made a direct-to-consumer site, where they are already seeing steady momentum. 

“We had an idea and a plan, but we didn't know how to pull that type of money out of our current accounts and make that leap. Over the years, OnDeck has allowed us to increase production, visibility, and grow our business in a real sense.”

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