Meet Phyllis & Jerry of Diamond Janitorial

Their Story

The Goal

Take on larger accounts with more helping hands

After a few years of serving smaller accounts, Phyllis and Jerry decided it was time to apply for a big one. This would require more employees, and a bigger payroll to match. They didn’t even consider asking their bank, but didn’t know where else to turn — until they found out about OnDeck.

Phyllis & Jerry’s OnDeck Experience

  • Fast, efficient process

    “With OnDeck, we have money in our pocket instantly. The last loan we got — Jerry talked to our rep on Monday morning, and by Monday afternoon the money was in our account. It was phenomenal. The turnaround is really quick.”

  • Loan rates and structures that make sense

    “They give us a breakdown of what we’d qualify for. The sheet they give us is so well detailed, that it’s easy to understand and make the right decision.”

  • Great customer service that understands a small business’s needs

    “They’re a company that looks out for their businesses. I’m blown away with all the stuff they’ve been able to help us with. They look at the people they serve, and they really serve them. They don’t just say that, or just give you a check and walk away. They stay in partnership with you.”

The Result

Providing quality service at a higher quantity

With the help of OnDeck, Phyllis & Jerry have taken on bigger and bigger accounts after being able to hire more dedicated employees. With service at its core, Diamond Janitorial now has a team of supervisors to oversee and ensure every new project meets their high quality standards.

“OnDeck has helped us reach our goal of wanting to grow our business while maintaining quality of service. They’ve allowed us to have quality AND quantity.”

Ready for OnDeck to make an impact on your business?

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Diamond Janitorial is a dynamic family business united in its mission to serve others well. True do-it-yourself-ers, they work tirelessly to provide the best commercial cleaning service Rochester has ever seen.