Meet Johnny Burns of Two Guys Autobody Supplies

His Story

The Goal

Kick-start growth with additional financing

Johnny’s business was growing, albeit slowly, and he knew they’d need some help in order to grow faster. In 2013, after coming across OnDeck online, in trade magazines, and on the radio, Johnny decided to reach out and apply for funding.

Johnny’s OnDeck Experience

  • Professional and pain-free

    “I called OnDeck, told them what I wanted to do, filled out some paper work, and within a couple days I had the money deposited in my bank account.”

  • Loan rates and structures that make sense

    “This was the first time I took a loan out for my business. I was hesitant at first but their loans and payment process made sense. Just like a bank loan except much easier to understand. They knew what I wanted, and OnDeck delivered.”

  • Great customer service that understands a small business’s needs

    “I liked that there was a real person on the other line when I called OnDeck. My loan rep made the process easy to understand and he answered every question I had. He gave me room to make a decision which I appreciated.”

The Result

59% growth since his first loan

Johnny used his first loan of $50,000 to increase his inventory and add new products to his store. He renewed four times and has seen 59% growth since he first began working with OnDeck. With the help of that initial OnDeck loan in 2013, Johnny enjoys a stronger business for years to come.

OnDeck has been a great partner to me. They get what I need, when I need it.

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After traveling across the Southeastern U.S. for nearly two decades, Johnny Burns decided it was time to get off the road and open Two Guys Autobody Supplies with a friend in 2011.