Meet Michael of Jungyae Martial Arts

His Story

The Goal

Offer more programs by moving into a larger space

In the summer of 2014, Michael had the chance to move his academy into a larger space just next door. It was bigger, newer, and would allow him to expand his services to more people in the community. But he didn’t have the cash he needed, and banks wouldn’t be able to get him the money in time to sign the lease.

Michael’s OnDeck Experience

  • Fast, efficient process

    “I shopped around to the banks, but I was in a time crunch, and banks weren’t going as fast as I wanted. I tried OnDeck and had the money in my account in 48 hours. It was great.”

  • Loan rates and structures that make sense

    “I thought OnDeck was the greatest idea ever. Paying a small stipend back every day meant the repayment would be done in such a short time. I didn’t want to have to worry about it down the road.”

  • Great customer service that understands a small business’s needs

    “I just thought it was so genius to automatically take out payments from the daily operations. We all make money every day, and big bills kill small businesses. OnDeck gets that.”

The Result

The best space for the most activity

With the help of OnDeck, Michael was able to snatch up a prime location and turn it into the full-service martial arts academy it is today. And thanks to additional OnDeck loans, he’s constantly offering a variety of new programs for the active community of Kirkland, WA.

I’m in a brand new place, it’s beautiful. That’s a nice presentation for anyone walking in — they’re always impressed. OnDeck gave me the funds to deck the place out.

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After 15 years of martial arts training, Michael Davis was ready to take over as Master. 10 years later, and he’s mastering the running of his own academy.