Temporary Cash Flow Loans

Temporary  Cash Flow Loans If you are a seasonal business, sometimes you need to purchase inventory and hire staff before the real revenue flows in from the season ahead. Or, your expenses might be temporarily higher because you purchased more inventory to take advantage of a volume discount. It is always important to leave a cushion of cash in your bank account to avoid returned checks or overdrafts. This is when temporary cash flow loans makes sense. To ensure you’re making the right decisions about borrowing, you should look at your revenue and expenses over the last six months. If your revenue has been consistently decreasing, while expenses have been flat or increasing, then temporary cash flow loans may not be what you need. Temporary cash flow loans are for generally healthy businesses that need temporary cash and have the means to repay the loan quickly. If you decide on temporary cash flow loans, then OnDeck Capital might be right for you. OnDeck Capital provides temporary cash flow loans with a mission to help small businesses grow. We step in when small businesses cannot obtain a loan or line of credit from their  traditional bank lender. We are not a merchant cash advance company.

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