Value for Your Customers

  • World class service & support

  • Real-time credit assessments

  • Competitive rates and fast funding

Value for Your Business

  • Dedicated product, account and technical support

  • Ability to generate additional revenue

  • Easy to get started


Your Customers + Our Technology = Solutions for Your Small Business Customers

Let‘s create something great together. Our data powers a range of referral marketing opportunities, scalable technology integrations, and custom platform solutions.

Referral Marketing

  • Co-branded email and direct mail
  • In-product digital marketing
  • OnDeck Partner Portal, our online referral and deal tracking tool

Technology Integration

  • API solutions
  • CRM integration
  • OnDeck as a Service, dedicated technology team to enable custom integration

Custom Solutions

  • OnDeck Marketplace®, portfolio investment platform
  • Partnership opportunities including joint venture, syndication and white label solutions

OnDeck Credit Engine

Real-time lending decisions using advanced analytics to deliver capital to small businesses in as fast as 24 hours.

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“This new product is all about empowering small businesses to leverage the power of their own data so that they can take advantage of better financing options.”

Dan Wernikoff
Executive Vice President and General Manager
Intuit’s Small Business Group

Intuit's Objective

With OnDeck as the credit engine, Intuit was looking to create a business financing product within the QuickBooks interface.


Through technology integration with OnDeck, Intuit now offers a seamless customer experience that harnesses customer data to make better credit decisions and offer lower rates to customers.

Access to Capital Within Minutes

1. Customer logs into QuickBooks and sees customized financing offer.

2. Leveraging QuickBooks data, OnDeck API delivers instant credit decision to customer.

3. Customer selects approved offer and proceeds to funding.

“We are focused on providing convenience and value to service providers as they grow their businesses and we are excited to work with OnDeck to make that happen.”

Tom Fox
Angie's List CFO

Angie's List Objective

Power the growth of service providers on the Angie’s List platform by providing access to capital to find and complete more projects.


We designed a tailored relationship and customer experience for Angie’s List customers, providing them preferred rates and white glove service.

Streamlined Product Expansion

1. Angie’s List implemented OnDeck’s integrated referral marketing solutions so customers can directly access OnDeck financing.

2. Utilizing the OnDeck Partner Portal, Angie’s List also engages its sales team to cross-market OnDeck financing with complementary services.

3. Angie’s List customers that come to OnDeck are immediately recognized and served with preferred rates.

“This partnership gives Prosper Marketplace’s customers access to more options for credit now and creates a great platform for the future.”

Aaron Vermut
CEO, Prosper Marketplace

Prosper's Objective

Prosper recognized a need to expand their product offering to include business financing and turned to OnDeck to implement a bespoke solution that could get them running in a matter of weeks.


Through product expansion using OnDeck’s platform, Prosper is able to serve and satisfy more customers with access to business financing.

Streamlined Product Expansion

1. Customers seeking business financing on Prosper receive OnDeck offer.

2. Customer selects OnDeck offer and proceeds to online application.

3. OnDeck provides seamless, end-to-end, customer experience.