Many small businesses rely on borrowed capital to fuel growth and other initiatives. Depending upon the nature of the business need, a business’ credit profile, time in business, […]

The options available to small business owners, particularly startups, for finding capital are better than ever—but they might not be where you’re looking. Crowdfunding is one of […]

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One of the best places to connect directly with your customers is in their inboxes. A study of the email behaviors of nearly 2,000 Americans in The Inbox Report 2017, by marketing platform Fluent, shows just […]

If you’re like most retailers, the holiday season will drive a significant portion of your revenue overall. The National Retail Federation reports holiday sales represent nearly 20 percent of total retail industry sales, and industries […]

Your business knows social media is important, but where do you begin? Digital advertising revenue, driven by networks like Facebook, is expected to increase 18 percent year over year to reach $229 billion this year. […]

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You have your business plan, financial model, employment contracts and business processes in tip-top shape. Every person in your small business understands their role and your policies for their day-to-day work. But what happens when […]

Not having a clear policy for managing employee expenses for your business could spell trouble for your employees, your management team and your company’s bottom line. Employees may overestimate what they’re spending and demand reimbursement. […]

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No matter what industry you’re in, ultimately, you’re selling to humans, and that means psychological principles should drive your sales strategy. Using research-backed theories can help you master your sales pitch, whether you’re selling to […]

Your sales cycle length has a critical effect on your company’s performance. The length of your sales cycle directly impacts your cash-flow rate, budgetary planning, inventory management, marketing schedule and sales strategy. The bottom line […]

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has become one of the most important tools for business success today. Companies that use a CRM solution effectively can see a return on investment of 245 percent, a Forrester […]

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