Their Story

The Goal

Grow into a successful company servicing brand name companies

“We started building a few apps for smaller companies to get our name out there and as we expanded our services we were able to work on bigger jobs for larger companies. In the last year, we’ve launched tech products for six Fortune 500 companies.”

Donald Coolidge's OnDeck Experience

  • Fast, efficient process

    “OnDeck was convenient and it didn’t take forever. The banks require tons of paperwork, which handcuffs the ability to take out the loan. It was a couple days’ turnaround for OnDeck. And with OnDeck’s quick financing, we won the bids, and from there we started to grow. It was a great move for the portfolio.”

  • A loan customized for a growing small businesses

    “We were growing fast and we couldn’t handle the amount of work we wanted to do to really take our business to the next level. At first, we went to banks for the financing, but we were turned down because we were a young business without a credit history – and mind you, we were profitable. OnDeck looked at more than just my credit score approved us.”

  • Flexible financing to take advantage of opportunities

    “As a small business it’s extremely important to act on opportunity and you never really know when opportunity is going to arise. OnDeck’s flexible financing is extremely important to have access to capital there and ready to use when those big opportunities arise.”

The Result

Financing that helped up improve our ROI

With the help of OnDeck, Majestyk Apps was able to grow the business and take advantage of larger opportunities with bigger companies, hire more employees, and double down on their success.

“We saw an initial 100% growth over the year we worked with OnDeck and that’s continued to accelerate. Our headcount has doubled as we took on more big name projects, largely because we now have the resources to bid on bigger projects and invest into winning the deals.”

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Donald Coolidge and his business partner met while serving in the Marines. They were both going to college for computer science and began building and marketing some small mobile applications – they then founded Majestyk Apps.