Meet Jim of TransGuardian

His Story

The Goal

Cater to more clients by improving software

In 2015, Jim and his team decided to spend the year developing innovative software components to build out their offering. This job would require 2 full-time engineers, along with a top notch salesperson to bring in clients when it was done. All three of these hires would be expensive, and wouldn’t show a return for at least a year. Banks wouldn’t fund him, and Jim had been burned by other lenders before.

Jim’s OnDeck Experience

  • Transparency at every step

    “We had bad experiences with every other provider. OnDeck was good because they were upfront. They did what they said, and their programs were always fair and honest.”

  • Loan rates and structures that make sense

    “The cost of money is higher than a standard product, but they don’t pretend it’s not. Given what they do, the way they do it is the way I’d want it.”

  • Great customer service that guides and explains

    “It was a great consultation. Together, we went through the whole menu of possibilities, considered it all, and got all the details. OnDeck shows you exactly what is withheld every day, so it was easy to predict if we could afford it.”

The Result

3 years' progress in 1

With the help of OnDeck, Jim was able to secure a highly skilled salesperson and get 3 years of programming done in one. This has given TransGuardian a leg up on the competition, and has put them in a prime position to generate more business and more revenue.

Eventually you get to the point where you can get cheaper money, but when you’re starting to grow, you can’t get it. We could not have reached the level we’re at without OnDeck. I shudder to think where we’d be with the other guys.

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After a career of innovating for companies like FedEx, Jim Moseley knew he needed to break out on his own. So he started TransGuardian, a logistics software company that helps global businesses ship high value packages cheaper, faster, and better.