Wild Women Winery

Charlene and Ross Meriwether own Wild Women Winery in the heart of downtown Denver, Colorado. To meet their goals, they sought financing from OnDeck so their business can keep up in a booming Denver market.

Their Story

The Goal

Planning ahead to keep up with a booming Denver market

"I see the business expanding with the City as more and more residents learn the pleasures of wine."

Wild Women Winery - Charlene and Ross

Charlene and Ross Meriwether's OnDeck Experience

  • Easy and fast, not high pressure

    "We chose OnDeck because they can tell you in minutes after you apply. It was easy conversation - I wasn't getting 95 phone calls from them saying we got to do this today, or you wont get the financing.  They gave me the info, they let me make the decisions, and once I said go we went, and it went fast."

  • Banks were real hesitant to work with us

    "We are in a business where were are not baking bread, it's not overnight. You start 9-12 months ahead predicting what you are going to need a year from now. When we go to finance something, we wont be able to get that money back for at least a year."

  • Coming back for continued growth

    "90% of the money we've borrowed went to inventory. Without the flexible financing, we would not be able to grow the business. Basically, the business would have been stagnant, and in a Denver market that's growing like it is, if you have a stagnant business, you're not going to last."

WWW_wine glass

The Result

Year-Over-Year Growth

With the help of OnDeck, Wild Women Winery was able to see 12%-15% growth yearly

"We came back to OnDeck because it's process was easy and our inventory had to keep growing. Charlene is growing the business faster than I could make wine, and she continues to do that!" 

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