OnDeck joins the Enova family

We wanted to share an important update with you about our acquisition by Enova. 

As you may recall, OnDeck announced in July that it was being acquired by Enova to increase access to innovative financial products and services for both businesses and consumers. On October 13th, we successfully closed the transaction between our two companies.

We are excited to officially be part of the Enova family, and we believe this acquisition has great potential for you and your business. OnDeck and Enova are both innovators within online lending, using technology to dramatically improve, simplify, and expand access to financial services. Our shared values and focus on expanding access to financial services will create even more opportunities for our customers. 

While OnDeck is now part of Enova, your loan with us will not change and your relationship with us will remain intact. OnDeck will continue to offer the same products, services, and customer service you have come to know and expect from us. We remain committed to providing you with excellent customer service and helping you achieve success, as you define it, for your business. Below are some answers to questions you might have.

As always, please reach out to us if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Enova?
Enova is a leading provider of online financial services to underserved consumers and small businesses, providing access to credit powered by advanced analytics and innovative technology. Enova has assisted nearly 7 million customers around the globe access more than $25 billion in loans and financing. The company has a portfolio of brands and products serving consumers and small businesses. You can learn more about Enova at: https://www.enova.com/

How can I learn more information about what is happening?
You can reach out to the OnDeck Customer Service team – we’re still here for you and your business. Your loan with us will not change. Your relationship with us will not change. Our continued commitment to you, our customer, remains the top priority. 

What happens to my loan?
You will not see any changes to your OnDeck loan as a result of OnDeck becoming part of Enova. Your loan will continue uninterrupted with OnDeck. While we continue to work behind the scenes to combine our operations, for you it will remain business as usual. You can still reach out to us with any questions, anytime. 

Remember, we’re always here to help. We truly appreciate and value your business and believe this change will enable us to provide you an even wider range of products and support in the future. 

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your dedicated loan advisor or our Customer Service Team at (888) 269-4246.

For information on our privacy policy changes please go to www.ondeck.com/privacy.