Running a business can be full of surprises. You can access your OnDeck Line of Credit when you need it so you can keep your focus on your business.


Lines of credit from
$6K to $100K

12 month term


Key Benefits

No prepayment penalties: withdraw money from your business line of credit only when you need it, and pay interest only on what you draw

Instant Funding: funds are sent to your account in seconds every time you make a draw, 24/7 even on nights and weekends*

Revolving line of credit: funds replenish as you pay them back, and additional draws are consolidated into one loan with one easy weekly payment

Business credit building: We report payments to bureaus so that your on-time payments help build business credit

What can I use a business line of credit for?

Access to a business line of credit can be a valuable asset for a small business. Unlike a term loan, a credit line allows you to run your business without having to apply for a new loan every time you need a bit of extra funds. You can use your access to a business line of credit when you’re planning for the future. Besides being a safety net for when things might go wrong, it also allows you to take advantage of opportunities when they may arise. What makes a business line of credit valuable to a small business is the revolving nature of it, meaning you have the ability to access the line of credit when needed, pay down the balance, and the funds are replenished so you can use the line again. There are many uses for a credit line – here are five popular reasons business owners use a line of credit.

5 ways to use a business line of credit

1. Purchasing inventory

2. Repairing equipment

3. Financing a marketing campaign

4. Overcoming a short term capital need

5. Ramping up for a new contract

Do I qualify for a business line of credit with OnDeck?


Applying for a line of credit at OnDeck is quick and simple


Apply Online

or call us at (888) 269-4246

1 Complete the application
Takes less than 10 minutes
Just provide us a few pieces of information—online or on the phone, it’s your choice

2 Review your options
Ready in as fast as one business day
Your dedicated loan advisor will reach out and work with you to choose the best offer

3 Get your funds
Available as soon as same day
Complete the online checkout and the money is in your business bank account within 24 hours

Frequently asked questions about OnDeck’s Line of Credit

What is Instant Funding*?

Instant Funding is the fastest and easiest way for small business owners to access working capital to run their business. OnDeck is one of the only lenders to offer business lines of credit with instant access to your funds. Draw from your line of credit when you need it and see the funds in your account in seconds, 24/7 even when the banks are closed – so you can get back to business as fast as you can click “draw funds.” And the best part is Instant Funding is available at no extra cost.

How does my line of credit payback work?

Unlike other online lenders – our line of credit is revolving with no draw fees. Funds replenish as you pay them back – and additional draws are consolidated into one loan with one easy weekly payment.

Can I get a credit line increase?

There are some times when you could really use access to additional funds. Based on your cash flow, net income and payback history you may be eligible for a credit line increase. All you need to do is call your dedicated loan advisor to learn more.

Can I get a term loan in addition to my line of credit?

You may have a project that could benefit from funds beyond the capabilities of your business line of credit. At OnDeck we understand and our term loans are available in addition to your business line of credit. Reach out to your dedicated loan advisor to explore some of your available options.p>

What is the SmartBox™?

Transparency is key when it comes to choosing a lender. That’s why OnDeck developed the SMART Box Capital Comparison Tool. In plain English and an easy-to-read format, this tool shows you key terms you need to evaluate potential short term loan offers so that you have a comprehensive, standardized breakdown of your cost of capital.

How much will it cost?

Interest rates start at 10.99% annual percentage rate (APR). The total cost of your line of credit will vary based on a number of factors, including your personal and business credit scores, time in business and annual revenue and cash flow*.

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