What is an Unsecured Business Loan?

Many healthy and thriving businesses don’t have the specific collateral required to qualify for a loan at the local bank. Fortunately, there are lenders that do not require that their loans be secured with specific collateral and lenders that require a general lien vs. specific collateral. These may be good options for many businesses.

An unsecured business loan is simply a loan from a lender that does not require any form of collateral from a business or a business owner. The decision is based solely upon the creditworthiness of the applicant. – Other than financing through credit cards, it is rare that a loan be completely unsecured.

Many small business owners are interested in a loan or line of credit for their business, but don’t have the specific collateral a bank may require, such as specifically-identified real estate, inventory or other hard assets.

Do banks underwrite unsecured business loans?

Banks don’t generally underwrite business loans without the security of some form of specific collateral. Banks prefer to write loans based on the value of specific assets and take liens on those specific assets. In this way, the bank can significantly reduce its lending risk. This can disqualify businesses without assets that are valued highly by a bank or have assets that are difficult to value or sell—but would otherwise be a good a potential business borrower.

Does OnDeck Require Specific Collateral to Secure its Loans?

OnDeck makes loan approvals to small businesses based on business fundamentals like cash flow, credit history, and other metrics that demonstrate a healthy business; not based on the value of any particular business asset. In addition to the business credit profile, the owner’s personal credit score, time in business, and cash flow, OnDeck considers dozens of other factors when evaluating the creditworthiness of any particular business. This makes it possible for a healthy business to secure a business loan, even if they don’t have specific assets that could be used as collateral.

When a small business takes a term loan from OnDeck, a general lien is placed on the business’s assets until the loan has been paid off (additionally, OnDeck does not take a security on specific assets of the business when you take a line of credit with us.). The business owner does provide a personal guarantee for the loan, but there is no lien on the owner’s personal assets. In this way, business owners can get funding in as fast as one business day without needing a specific amount of real estate, inventory or other hard assets; and without needing to have their specific assets appraised and valued.

If you have a healthy business, but you’re not sure about the value of a specific asset or whether or not you have adequate collateral, consider applying for a small business loan with OnDeck and you could get a decision for your business; sometimes as quickly as within an hour.

Compare Loan Requirements:

  • Bank Loans: Many times underwritten by requiring specific collateral. A lien on assets + a personal guarantee
  • Equipment Financing: Equipment as collateral + a personal guarantee
  • OnDeck Term Loan: Doesn’t require specific assets for collateral—a general lien on business assets is required + a personal guarantee

A business loan from OnDeck allows many healthy businesses that don’t have assets that could be used for collateral to successfully apply for a loan.




What type of loan makes sense for your business?

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