Second Generation Practice of Dr. Michael Barnes, D.D.S., in Newport Beach takes the Crown for February

NEW YORK, N.Y., February 28, 2020 – OnDeck® (NYSE: ONDK), the leader in online lending to small business, today named the dental practice of Dr. Michael Barnes of Newport Beach, California as the OnDeck Small Business of the Month for February 2020.  The OnDeck award highlights successful small business owners who have utilized online financing to facilitate business growth.  

One could say Michael Barnes was born into his career. Michael’s father David was a dentist, who left Iowa in 1967 and moved the family to California to start his own practice. They settled in Newport Beach and the community quickly embraced the new dentist and his family. Soon enough, young Michael would find his calling.  

“My dad had a tremendous influence on me making the decision to pursue dentistry,” says Dr. Michael Barnes. “Growing up, I spent a lot of time with him in his dental office. I found the work fascinating and was amazed at the way my dad put patients at ease prior to any procedure. I saw first-hand how he helped people and I wanted to do the same.”

Following in the footsteps of his father, Michael went to dental school and graduated with a degree from the University of the Pacific. In 1989, he fulfilled his dream and joined his father’s dental practice. 

“I feel I had a pretty smooth transition into practicing dentistry after graduation as I was able to dive right in with Dad and hit the ground running with a built-in mentor for guidance,” says Dr. Barnes.  “We worked together for many years until he retired in 2006. Our time together enabled me to shorten the learning curve and learn new techniques such as restoring dental implants, a procedure which was just getting started 30 years ago.”

After his father’s retirement, Michael took over the practice and inherited a loyal following of customers.  Business was good, but Michael quickly found out that there was more to running a dental practice than just taking care of patients.

“When the great recession hit in 2007, almost every part of the economy felt the impact, including dentists,” says Dr. Barnes. “During that time, we weren’t able to invest in the new equipment and technology we needed. In addition, we needed to spend on advertising and marketing to attract new patients. I knew I needed financing fast. And that’s when I found OnDeck. “

OnDeck provided the online financing Dr. Barnes needed after the economic downturn and has provided additional financing over the years. The doctor says OnDeck is a unique lender because of the one-on-one relationship with a knowledgeable lending professional it provides him.    

“Each time I have needed financing to invest in my practice, I’ve always worked with the same person at OnDeck – my small business financing consultant Steven,” says Dr. Barnes. “Some people think that online financing is not personal and caring, but OnDeck proves otherwise. I was so pleased to find a straightforward, honest lending company that takes the time to understand my business situation and financial needs while also delivering the speed you expect from an online provider.”

Today, the dental practice of Dr. Michael Barnes is thriving in Newport Beach, California, with offices located in the Newport Center Medical buildings. Remarkably, many long-time patients continue to travel great distances to receive treatment from Dr. Barnes, a testament to superior clinical skills honed over nearly three decades of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

 “OnDeck congratulates Dr. Barnes and his team on carrying on the family legacy in a dental practice that has delivered exemplary care to patients for fifty years,” says Shannon Smith, Senior Vice President of Marketing, OnDeck.  “We are pleased to recognize Dr. Barnes as our Small Business of the Month and are proud to have supported him with the online financing he needed to continue servicing the Newport Beach community.”

To date, OnDeck has provided more than $1.9 billion in online financing to the small businesses of California. Since its first online loan in 2007, OnDeck has provided over $230 million in financing to dentists across the United States, Canada and Australia. 

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