NEW YORK, Sept. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — On Deck (, the technology platform that connects Main Street businesses directly to capital, announced today it has delivered more than $150,000,000 to thousands of restaurants, retailers and other service providers nationwide. In January, On Deck passed the $100,000,000 milestone; today’s announcement represents a 50% growth surge in just 8 months. This growth, which has accelerated steadily month over month, further validates the company’s technology platform as a key solution to America’s small business lending challenges.

Previously, small business lending in the United States has relied primarily on the personal credit score, preventing millions of healthy Main Street businesses from accessing the capital they need to hire new employees, operate and expand. On Deck has successfully removed the personal credit score by using technology to create a highly efficient and cost effective way to identify credit-worthy Main Street businesses.

“We launched On Deck to fundamentally change the way Main Street businesses access capital,” said Brad Kime, president, On Deck. “The On Deck platform has now delivered more than $150 million to this critical segment of the economy, and we look forward to delivering more capital to millions of Main Street businesses that need it to grow.”

Through the On Deck platform, thousands of healthy Main Street businesses that historically were denied capital due to their personal credit score have now been able to purchase equipment, launch marketing campaigns, and most importantly hire employees. Of the $150M On Deck has delivered, Main Street retailers and restaurants have each received more than $30M; automotive and healthcare practices have seen over $15M each; and millions more has been delivered to businesses ranging from salons and spas to dry cleaners and small manufacturers.

On Deck’s platform is a proven system that evaluates the creditworthiness of small businesses based on factors reflecting the true health of a business – rather than the traditional benchmark of the personal credit score – including cash flow and business credit data. The typical On Deck customer is a “Main Street” business (retailer, restaurant, salon, dentist, florist, etc.) that has been in business more than one year and has revenue between $300,000 and $3,000,000.

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About On Deck

Launched in 2007, On Deck Capital uses data aggregation and electronic payment technology to evaluate the financial health of small businesses and to efficiently deliver capital to a market underserved by traditional bank loans. Through the On Deck Capital platform, millions of small businesses can obtain affordable loans to meet their daily operating and long term goals. The company’s proprietary platform looks deeper into the health of small businesses, focusing on the overall business performance, rather than the owner’s personal credit history. The On Deck system also provides a critically needed mechanism for commercial institutions to efficiently reach and serve the historically underserved Main Street small businesses market.

On Deck Capital is financed by some of the nation’s leading venture capital firms, including SAP Ventures, Contour Venture Partners, First Round Capital, Khosla Ventures, RRE Ventures and Village Ventures.

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