3 Ways to Motivate Employees and Earn Their Loyalty

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The backbone of any great business is its employees.

Employees that are motivated are often more productive, happier, and can be one of your business’s greatest assets, while unmotivated employees can sometimes work against your business. One of the easiest ways to motivate your employees is to create an environment that they want to come back to everyday and showing your employees your dedication to them can motivate them, earn their loyalty, and create a team that is genuinely passionate about your business and its mission, almost as much as you are!

Here are three ways you can motivate your employees and earn their loyalty:


Providing incentives in the form of recognition or rewards is a great way to motivate your employees in the workplace. If your business is a startup or a small business with limited resources, something as simple as creating a “corkboard of success” featuring employee accomplishments, milestones, or compliments can boost morale and make your employees feel recognized and valued. Employees that feel their hard work is appreciated are more likely to remain motivated and productive because there is an incentive for them to invest their time and energy into your business. Office perks are another simple way to motivate employees. Having a fully-stocked kitchen that offers pick-me-ups like coffee, tea, and snacks gives employees a place to unwind, stretch their legs, and chat. Investing in a great company culture can even attract prospective employees when you decide to expand your business and begin searching for new hires.

Offering employees the option to work from home if they’re sick, are facing transportation difficulties, or if their babysitter unexpectedly cancels on them is another way to show your employees that you have their interests at heart. Recognizing that small everyday things sometimes just happen builds trust between you and your employees and as you look out for their needs, they will do the same for your business.

Open Communication:

Creating an open dialogue with your employees is an important part of earning their loyalty. Encouraging your employees to voice their opinions or ask questions shows that you value their input and want to empower them to have a say in your business, which they are a large part of. Hosting monthly or quarterly team meetings is one way to offer your employees an outlet to express themselves. It can also be a great place for highlighting company and employee successes and developing new strategies for growth based on your team’s suggestions. It’s important to remain connected with your employees and scheduling team meetings offers you a chance to get to know your employees on a more personal level. Your employees will feel more respected and, because their voices are being heard, they will be motivated to continue working hard because they share in the successes of your business.


Hosting team meetings is one way to inspire your employees’ active participation in your business, showing them that their suggestions can have a real impact on business initiatives and strategies. When your employees feel as if their questions, concerns, and considerations are being taken into account, they remain motivated and loyal. Loyal employees are proud of the businesses they work for and the hard work they produce reflects their passion. Giving your employees opportunities to work on projects they are interested in is also a simple way of showing them that their contributions matter and that you value their perspective. If your employees feel like they are making a meaningful impact in your business, they will be motivated to continue working hard to reach your business’s goals.


Because your employees are often the engine that keeps your business running, it’s important to find ways to keep them both happy and productive. You can motivate your employees in a variety of ways but offering them incentives, establishing open communication, and giving them a chance to make meaningful contributions to your business are some ways you can motivate them to love your company as much as you do.