Author: Baylee Alerding

Business woman on tablet

A good business credit score offers many benefits. It can help you secure business financing, establish better partnerships, get lower interest rates from lenders, get better terms from vendors and insurance companies, and even increase […]

What does your business credit profile say about your business? In addition to information about what's included in your profile, here are five things you can do to improve it.
How Cash Flow Affects Your Small Business Loan Application

Lenders consider a lot of factors when reviewing a loan application. They look at things like your credit score, your business plan and what you can offer as collateral. They may also consider things that […]
How Business Loans Can Help You Build Credit

Good business credit can open doors. Just like your personal credit score, a good business credit score can make it easier to get funding and to get it at better rates. This gives you access […]
7 Reasons To Support Small Businesses

Without small businesses, every town would feel more or less the same — the same restaurants, the same coffee shops, the same big-name retailers. Small businesses form the fabric of our communities, but they’re often […]