Author: Baylee Patel

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As a small business owner, understanding the difference between your personal credit score and your business credit score is important. Both these numbers can impact you and your business’s finances. Learning how each score works, […]
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A good business credit score offers many benefits for small business owners. It can help you gain access to funding, qualify for lower interest rates and improve your terms with vendors. Building and maintaining a […]
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A small business loan can have a big impact on your taxes — in a good way. One little-known perk is that small business owners may be able to deduct their interest payments on their […]
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It’s rare to make a payment with a paper check today. With the invention of new payment methods and technologies, using checks seems slow and many businesses need to move faster than ever. Instead, you […]
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A good business credit score offers many benefits. It can help you secure business financing, establish better partnerships, get lower interest rates from lenders, get better terms from vendors and insurance companies, and even increase […]