To commemorate this year’s National Small Business Week, On Deck would like to recognize a very important part of our team: the small businesses who’ve worked with On Deck to access the capital they need to grow. Here are just a few of the thousands of businesse we’ve helped:

• Wilson Heating & Air Conditioning
A 20 year industry veteran, Steve Wilson had grown his air conditioning businesses from a one man shop to 26 full time employees. Wilson needed a new box truck and extra working capital during the slow summer months. After finding On Deck online and submitting an application, Steve was approve and received his loan a few days later. After putting the funds to work, business had been booming. In fact, he recently purchased three more trucks.

• Elaine’s Flowers & Gift Shop
As a small business owner for 15 years, Elaine Oulsey-Nevarez knew the ins and outs of her flower shop. However, in 2008 a hurricane that ripped through Houston severely impacted her business. She needed a short term loan to keep her business moving – and fast. After a quick approval process, we connected Elaine with the money she needed. Today, Elaine’s Flowers and Gifts continue to grow and she now employs 6 people.

• Brownsville Eye Center
A year into his business, Dr. Michael Foster was ready to ramp up his marketing efforts for Brownsville Eye Center. He put together a detailed marketing plan that included regular advertising in a local newspaper, listings in a local circular, and a promotion that ran on the back of grocery store receipts. However, in order to put his marketing plan into action, Dr. Foster needed a small business loan. After finding On Deck online, Dr. Foster was approved, had his funds in seven days, and was able to launch the campaign within weeks.

• Rappanhannock Mattress Company
Perry Spoul needed to act fast. As the owner of the Rappanhannock Mattress Company, he had an opportunity to buy a key piece of equipment on the cheap: a $35,000 delivery truck for a mere $17,000. He knew the purchase would bolster his bandwidth and lead to an increase in sales. A money making opportunity was within reach; however, he didn’t have the cash on hand. That’s when Perry turned to On Deck for the capital he needed. After a quick approval process, Perry received a $30,000 small business loan from On Deck — less than seven business days from start to finish. He was able to buy the delivery truck, and put the rest towards stocking up on inventory.

• JustTrashIt!
After being featured on the TLC show Hoarding: Buried Alive, removal and recyling company JustTrashIt! wanted to capitalize on their new exposure by expandings its line of services. However, in order to do so, owner Kevin Copeland needed to access capital in order to purchase new equipment. After turning to On Deck Kevin was approved within two days. Since taking an On Deck small business loan, Kevin and his team have been able to achieve their growth objectives.

• Private Chauffer Club
Julien Tumma started his limousine business in 2007 with a single car in New York. Since then, Private Chauffer Club has grown to include 10 cars, and a division that handles bookings throughout the country. However, Julien was denied a loan when he approached his bank in order to upgrade his office facilities. Frustrated, he turned to the internet and found On Deck. “When they explained that my business financials were more important than my credit score, I knew I was talking to the right company” he says. Julien quickly had a $20,000 small business loan from On Deck, and his business continues to expand.

We wish all of our On Deck customers good luck, and look forward to serving more!

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