Author: andrea-gellert

In my role as CMO of OnDeck, I get to interact with small business owners almost every day. This means I get to learn about the different ways they manage their time to build a successful […]

Well-executed marketing can have tremendous value for your business. At the same time, poor or ineffective marketing can hurt you as much, if not more, than no marketing at all. The following marketing tips for […]

Salespeople may seem easy to find, but top-performing salespeople are not. Once you’ve put the time and resources into attracting a top talent, or developing skills in a new hire, you’ll want to invest time […]

The point of marketing is to show current customers that you value their business, and to win the attention of potential customers. A business that consistently shows how much it values customers can consistently win […]

As a small business owner, you’re undoubtedly busy. But just how productive are you? The two aren’t the same thing, and many small business owners need smart strategies and strong time management skills to keep […]

Performance reviews can be dreaded by employees and employers alike. But good feedback can be a vital tool for employee productivity, and happiness. Use these three tips from experts to help you make performance reviews […]

Are you a small business owner because you have to be, or because you want to be? It’s an important question to answer. Here’s why. 1. Passion Is Better for Business “Business is best when […]

How do you properly compensate a sales team? Your sales employees can make or break your business. But knowing how to manage, and properly incentivize them to do a great job day in and day […]