Author: Audrey Henderson

small business operations

As a small business owner, you are probably an expert in the actual product or service provided by your company. However, you may not be as well versed in the procedures and processes that are […]

Your business may make money, but is it actually profitable? Unless you maintain an accurate and current accounting system, there is no way you can really be sure. There are two basic accounting systems: cash-based […]

As a small business owner, you may be uncertain about how to articulate your value proposition. You may even be unclear on the concept of just what a value proposition is. Simply put, a value […]

You are probably familiar with the saying “time is money,” but you may not really understand how true it is. Studies show that the average executive wastes an hour of work time each day looking […]

As colder weather approaches, individuals and companies alike begin thinking about and planning for the holidays. If you’re among the many business owners who plan to celebrate the holidays with your employees, you’re in good […]