5 Ways Organization Improves Employee Satisfaction and Performance

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Article Summary: Organization does a lot of good things for a business. There are five ways organization improves employee satisfaction and business performance—so you aren't going into the ring like a blindfolded boxer in a heavyweight fight.

  1. It makes your employees more efficient
  2. It increases revenue
  3. I reduces employee burnout
  4. It improves your customer service
  5. Provides more opportunity for growth

When your operation is running smoothly and profitably, your employees feel a greater sense of satisfaction in what they do. Keep reading to learn more.

Keeping your business organized is just as important as keeping customers and employees happy. Every small detail about your business matters because everything is ultimately connected, so having a system for keeping things in their rightful place can help your team’s overall productivity and boost revenue. But you might be wondering if you can simply fix what you see that “needs fixing” or whether you need to take a more complete approach to setting organizational goals for your company.

Taking a “do what needs to be done” approach is like going into a boxing match blindfolded against a heavyweight champion and expecting to come out unscathed. It’s highly unlikely. The same goes for this type of approach to getting your company organized. If you want results that last and to create a highly productive working environment, you need to create a detailed plan that can help your organization run more efficiently. We’ll get into the best ways to do that, but first, let’s see how getting organized can improve employee satisfaction and business performance.

1. Increased Efficiency.

If your team can easily find what they need to do their jobs, they can improve overall efficiency because they won’t waste precious time searching for something that should have a rightful place – and be easily accessible (like in most workplaces). For example, a secretary or receptionist would be a lot more efficient if you had a designated place for everything they needed to use, like a supply closet filled with office supplies in labeled drawers and shelves. A label maker can make office organization a breeze along with bins and baskets for varied office supplies like pens, paper clips, staples, ink, paper, and other supplies.

2. Increased Revenue.

As you’ve likely heard, time is money. And if your employees have to spend more time performing their daily duties because of disorganization, your company is losing money.

With improved organization comes a boost in revenue because when you know where things are and you have a system in place for performing certain tasks, or handling certain issues, your team can be faster and handle issues quicker and with better resolution; and therefore, serve more customers. The more customers you can serve, the more money you can make.

3. Reduced Employee Burnout.

If your employees become too overwhelmed with “organized chaos,” you may just start losing them. Organized chaos is still chaos. So find ways to keep an organized workplace because employees won’t stick around to work for a company with no sense of a structured and organized operation. And you don’t want your company to become known as a “revolving door,” a nice way to say, “A place no one can stand to work at for too long.”

4. Improved Customer Service.

Improved organization can help your employees better serve customers and prospects. For example, when you give your customer service team a set of guidelines to follow when dealing with customers and organize that information into a packet or binder, they’ll be much more effective in delivering high-quality customer service. They’ll know what to expect on the job as well as what to do in the event that a customer has a common issue. You might also include instructions on what to do if an issue arises that isn’t covered in the packet. Adding a table of contents or even digitizing the information to be accessed online can improve customer service and overall productivity even more. Many companies are employing what’s called a knowledge base to answer general questions and address common issues. It’s similar to an FAQ section, but it’s more detailed and the information is organized by topic instead of on one scrollable page.

5. More Opportunity for Growth.

With a more organized workplace, your teams can thrive and truly enable your company to grow. Because with improved efficiency, increased revenue, reduced employee burnout, and improved customer service, your team will be in the prime position to see amazing growth. When all of the parts of a machine run smoothly, the whole thing operates at optimum performance. So if you want to see your company soar to new heights, consider developing a comprehensive plan to get your company organized and on track to see the growth it should.

How to Improve Overall Organization

If you want your company to benefit from the above suggestions, you’ll need to approach organization like a mechanic rather than a maid, meaning you need to organize your tools to maximize working efficiency (like a mechanic would) rather than just trying to clean things up in general, or tidying up (like a maid would). Start from the inside out and be methodical about your approach. Create a  list of areas that need organization and then start brainstorming ways to improve those areas with policies, processes, or anything else you need to use to make your workplace run more smoothly.

Also remember, the type of organizing affects the approach (financial, computer files, office configuration, etc.) so don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to getting your company organized properly. Take some time and really think about the best approach for your employees and for each area. Try to make organization a part of your daily routine. For example, make organizing part of keeping financial records instead of treating them like two separate tasks.

Organization as a Sales Tool and Marketing Tool

When determining what your organizational goals should be, include your entire team in the discussion. After all, it’ll directly affect their working conditions and they may have some great ideas to improve sales or marketing efforts. So use organization as a sales and marketing tool by employing practices and using modern technology to help you organize different areas of your company improve your sales team and marketing team performance. For example, you could find and employ a customer relationship management (CRM) system, which can help you improve the overall customer experience, as well as keep your employees organized and satisfied with the high level of organization a software program like this can provide. You can even use the CRM to host your knowledge base.

A highly organized company is more poised for success than a company with no formal structure or system in place to handle the daily complexities or running a business. Organization is key to being more productive and bringing in more revenue as your company begins to see growth. Not to mention it can keep your employees sane and prevent them from running for the door. So find ways to keep your workplace organized and efficient if you ever want to see real growth.