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5 Metrics Every Small Business Owner Needs to Understand Understanding these five metrics will help you know how your business is financially healthy. If there are any of these that you aren’t sure of, take […]
mid-year review

Measuring Business Performance Against Your Goals I’m convinced regularly reviewing your goals throughout the year is a good idea. For example, when I was a small business owner, I looked at my revenue and how […]

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right: I mentioned that one of my first responsibilities for my dad was, among other things, sweeping the floor. One day, after watching me sweep for a few […]

Anticipating the Cyclical Nature of a Seasonal Business Like most businesses, there is an ebb and flow of cash flow in and out of a seasonal business, it’s just more pronounced. As a result, it’s […]
financing for landscape contractors

Small businesses like landscape contractors, restaurants, and small merchants sometimes have difficulty accessing borrowed capital. This is particularly true if they are a very small business, a new business, don’t do $1 million or more […]