Author: ty-kiisel


Over the more than 35 years of my career, I’ve frequently seen both, “Must be good at multi-tasking” on job descriptions and “I’m a great multi-tasker” on resumes—neither of which portends a good or productive […]
small business lending technology

I’m convinced there are more options available than ever before for small businesses looking for borrowed capital. What’s more, I think it’s small business lending technology that has made it much easier for lenders to […]

Most of the time when we talk about the need to prepare your business for the unexpected, we wind up talking about setting money aside to meet a business’ monetary demands during a slow season […]
prepare now for the end of your busy season

After spending over 25 years in a very seasonal business, I always tried to remember that the busy season would eventually end, and when it did, my financial fortunes would rise or fall depending upon […]
prepare for the end of the year

As a hard working small business owner or entrepreneur, you devote countless hours and significant amounts of effort into keeping your enterprise operating at peak level. The end of the year represents a welcome time […]
ramping up for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday (the Saturday after Thanksgiving) has become a day when the idea of patronizing local businesses is promoted throughout the United States. How can you encourage potential customers in your community to patronize […]
small business winter challenges

I don’t know if it’s really the changing of the seasons or just coincidence, but after over 30 years in small business, it always felt like when things got colder, we experienced problems with the […]
Who is your profit expert?

Every success business has three critical business operations under control: Marketing and Sales Production Accounting I think the first two business operations make a lot of sense (at least they did to me when I […]

Most of my career in small business was spent in what I would call fairly seasonal small businesses. Maximizing cash flow throughout the year was an important part of not only keeping the doors open, […]