About Online Amiga

After a successful career working with computer interfaces for the Marine Corps and building online experiences with large ecommerce companies, Irasema Jeffers decided to take that experience in another direction. Her new focus, OnlineAmiga, helps companies create a compelling online presence by offering website management, social media strategy, product management and testing, along with online brand development and design.

“Our goal is to rule the world,” she says with a smile in her voice. “Despite how long the Internet’s been around, there are still a lot of companies that need help taking their brands online and need help building and managing their digital content. We’re a just-right solution for many companies. We help businesses that sell nuts as well as big energy companies.”

Jeffers needed capital to grow and hire more employees

After her first year in business, Jeffers was looking for a loan to help her accommodate growth. “We needed capital to grow and hire new employees,” she said.

The Marine Corps had done a great job of teaching Jeffers how to maximize her resources and do more with less, but it was time to take the next hill. That’s when she heard about OnDeck.

It only took 24 hours

OnDeck turned out to be a great solution for OnlineAmiga. 24 hours after submitting her loan application her loan was funded and she was able to start hiring and offer benefits to her current staff.

What advice does she have for other small business owners?

“Learn fast,” she says. “Learn what you’re good at and what you’re capable of and go for it.”

If you know what you’re capable of and what your strengths are you’ll know the skills you need to add to be successful. “While you’re growing your business,” she added, “don’t ever lose sight of why you started your company.”

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