We think every small business is “cool”, but the list below takes cool to a whole new level.

– The Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In, a miniature drive-in movie theater, located right in the middle of Miami, that allows space for a scant 18 cars per screening.

– The Carousel Bar, which is exactly what it sounds like: “a bar that revolves around a merry-go-round.”

– El Rey, an entire restaurant that was built out of recycled materials.

– Fojol Bros., a food truck that doubles as a traveling carnival.

– Homage, a sports store designed as if it were an athlete’s dorm room in the 1950s, complete with trophy cases.

– The Kennedy School, a boutique hotel housed within an old elementary school.

– Limited Time Only, a restaurant that features a constantly-rotating selection of both menu and chefs.

– Pizza Brain, a pizzeria that doubles as a pizza museum.

These businesses have all invested in innovations or unique business practices – and those decisions have rendered them “cool” in the eyes of the press, their customers and local communities.

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