OnDeck is proud to support and empower business owners across the U.S. This October, in honor of National Women’s Small Business Month, we are highlighting accomplishments from women business owners all month long. Additionally, we’ve compiled some of the best advice we’ve heard over the years on how women business owners can overcome some of the specific financing challenges they face.

women's small business month

Stick to this page all month for more stories from our customers and educational resources for women business owners. 

Customer Stories

We asked some of our female customers on how they overcame challenges in building their business and getting financing. Check out what they had to say below:

Leah Retamozo, Owner and Founder of Bilingual Child Care and Education Center

Women's small business month

“Seek out other female business owners, entrepreneurs, bankers, insurance brokers – it’s very challenging to always be facing panels of men who are judging your finances and your ability.”


Sybil Forsythe and Linda Gregory, Co-Owners of Family Choice Home Care

women's small business month

“Female business owners face lots of different challenges when starting their own business, especially financially. I think most of the contacts that we had dealt with were male and whether it’s conscious, or subconscious, I think sometimes the perception is that females don’t always have the business knowledge needed to run their business, or offer products, or marketing, or able to run finances.”


Ellen Rozelle Turner, President & CEO of the William Everett Group

Women's Small Business Month

“Starting at about age 15 I helped my grandfather with running his shoe store. There were certain skills he didn’t have, and I was able to help him out. I think it just gave me confidence from an early age that if you want to do something, do something. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a boy.”


Looking for more words of wisdom from accomplished women? Check out “Quick Advice for Women Small Business Owners” for tips from some of the senior female leaders at OnDeck.

"How She Built This" Panel Events

We’re hosting “How She Built This” panel events at our New York and Denver offices as part of our Women’s Small Business Month celebration. Join us to hear from accomplished women entrepreneurs relating how they overcame challenges to build their small businesses.

OnDeck presents: How She Built This – New York City

When: Wednesday, October 23 – 9:30 am to 11:00 am (ET).

Where: 1400 Broadway, 25th Floor, New York, New York.

The panel, moderated by entrepreneur Anjali Varma, will feature:

What to expect: Expert advice from panelists on how to overcome challenges, acquire customers, secure financing and build a foundation for long-term financial success.

Register to attend

OnDeck presents: How She Built This – Denver

When:  Thursday, October 24 – 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (MT).

Where:  101 W. Colfax Avenue, 10th Floor, Denver, Colorado.

What to expect:  An afternoon of candid conversations with Denver-based leaders from a variety of backgrounds about the challenges and opportunities encountered by women entrepreneurs.

Educational Resources

Looking for tips and advice to move your business forward for Women’s Small Business month and beyond? check out the resources below on setting your business up for success.

A Guide to Financing for Women-Owned Businesses

women's small business monthWomen-owned businesses are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs in the United States and account for roughly 40 percent of the small businesses in our country. Unfortunately, financing for women-owned businesses can be tough to come by. Here are five tips to help women entrepreneurs find greater success when looking for small business financing.


Crucial Guidance for Women Business Enterprise (WBE) Certifications

women's small business month

Most government agencies, including city, state and national entities, as well as public companies, allocate a certain percentage of business to Women Business Enterprises (WBE) – find out how you can get certified and win key business.



8 Questions About Business Credit: Answered 

women's small business monthYou may be wondering what factors are used to evaluate your business’ creditworthiness. Your business credit profile is a big part of this evaluation. Learn more about how your business credit profile is created, and what you can do to positively influence your score.



Debunking Myths About Women in Business 

women in businessWhile a great deal of progress has occurred over the past 50 years, several myths about women in business continue to permeate work culture in the U.S. Today, we’re setting out to debunk some of the most common myths we see repeated about women in the workforce.



Learn more about ways to participate in National Women’s Small Business month at the WBENC website

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